The Underwater Association of Casares – ASC – Asociación Subacuática Casares

Seabed Cleaning – Beach Cleaning – Environmental studies – Encourage recreational diving are our goals.

The Underwater Association of Casares was created in 2020 with the help of many Local Divers and ScubaCourseSpain is monthly active.

Every month, altogether we meet at different beach locations and make a Beach Cleaning next to an Underwater Cleaning composed of Scuba Divers coming from all over the world such as Sweden, Slovakia, Norway, France, Germany, the USA, Spain, and Belgium.

To illustrate the beach clean up, many companies help us. Firstly 2 DJs bring the music on each cleaning. Secondly, the townhall of Casares and Manilva support the association by providing tables, speakers, and shades. Thirdly an amazing photograph brings her camera to record all the good moments. In addition, ASC helps with organizing the beach clean-up and putting a touch of Art to it.

Plastic cleaning

What is the point of single-use plastic? Unfortunately, only 16% of it is recycled, therefore too much reach the sea which harms marine ecosystems.
The region of Casares/Manilva is famous for its beautiful beaches, an important resource for both tourism and local wildlife


The Mediterranean Sea has one of the highest levels of plastic pollution in the world. 80% of rubbish collected on beaches is plastic waste.
If nothing changes, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

An estimated 8 billion Tons of plastic leaks into the marine environment from land-based sources every year. That’s roughly equivalent to dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into our oceans every minute. And plastics never go away!

We must urge companies to provide consumers with plastic-free alternatives. Say no to single-use plastics such as straws, plastic cutlery, coffee cups, water bottles, plastic bags, balloons, plastic-wrapped produce, and take-out food containers.

Puente Mayorga Beach Cleaning Saturday 22nd May 2021

With the participation of Verdemar, the Ayuntamiento de Casares, we cleaned up 163kg of trash underwater

Un dia increible con nuestros Dj’s Dan y Robin